final arrangements

Old Age usually comes with multiple complications. Death comes unannounced. In many cases while being closer to death, one can often have a  muddled up mind which is incompetent to decide various things. One is particularly indisposed for a long period of time before death to be able to organise few important things.

For instance, there are various documents and processes which need to be taken care of. Your will, your insurance details (life, health, car), credit cards, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, valuables, safety box deposits etc. need to transferred to a deserving candidate. And this deserving candidate can be anyone from your friends or your family.

If you neglect this task, it is possible that an undeserving candidate would try to take advantage of your hard earned assets. Not only this, a lot of hassle would be created for your lawyers, accountants, broker and bank officials.

Several things need to be managed. Following is a form which would help you to plan your final arrangements while you are still alive. You can decide which mortuary you want, whether you want to get an autopsy done or your body embalmed, type of casket, whom would you want to perform your service, details about an orbituary, where exactly should your body be creamated etc. You can also decide on what exactly should be done with your dead body.

To relieve relatives and friends from burdens at the time of my passing,

I,   [print name]  __________________________________  would like:

Name of mortuary ______________

Autopsy [usually mandatory]    Yes __________ No ________

Embalmed  Yes ______________ No _________

Body to be viewed by family _______   by friends __________

Type of casket  [not nec. when cremated in some states] ____________

Obituary in paper [withOUT address] ____________

Service: Yes _________ No _______ Priv ____ Public _____

Informal _______ Formal ______ By whom ______

Where _________ Passages to be read ________

Disposition of remains:

Donate to medical school ____

Buried in which cemetery ____ Type of vault __________

Cremated and put in wall ___ ground _____ on family

property ______ or scattered _____ at/over _______

Vital Statistics – for death certificate

Birth date and place ______________

Full name of father and place of birth ________________

Maiden name of mother and place of birth _______________

Social Security no. ______________________

Will updated on [date] ___________    It’s located at _________

Name and location of:

Cemetery plots  ___________________

Life insurance co _________________ individual ____ group _____

Health insurance  _____________       Homeowners insurance  ________________

Car insurance _______________ Trusts  _______________________

Powers of Attorney _______________ Combinations to safes   ______________________

Partnerships ____________________ Contracts  _____________________

Checking accounts ________________ Savings accounts   _____________________

Credit cards ____________________ CD’s  ___________________

Stocks _________________ Bonds _______________________

Mutual funds _____________________IRA   _______________   Keogh   _____________

Deeds ___________________   Mortgage cos. _____________________

Birth cert. _____________________ Lawyer _______________

Accountants  ________________________  Brokers  ______________________

Banks ____________________________ Safety deposit box  __________________

Valuables __________________________ Military discharge  ____________________

Other ________________________________________________

Date _______ Signature ______________________________________

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