Modern Age has come up with modern types of theft. The gravest theft nowadays has been – identity theft. According to a recent survey in the US, around 11.6 million adults have become the victim of Identity Theft. The reason behind the alarming rate of this theft is that people often overlook the repercussions of an identity theft. People are more often concerned with the theft of tangible things.

But, they fail to realize the intensity of the damage done by this kind of theft. Identity Theft comes up with the risk of multiple threats both to your finances, your well – being and character as well.

Very often, criminals would use your credit cards for various transactions up to the maximum limits and obviously you would be obliged to make the payments for this. If incapable of paying, you can face the issue of being Blacklisted by the concerned financial institution/bank. Your credit history would be scarred for life and you would not be eligible for any future loans/credit.

Apart from this, medical identity frauds have also been prevalent. The most serious problem one can face with dire consequences is when a criminal indulges in some sort of crime by concealing himself under your identity. He performs the crime, but you will land up behind the bars.

Therefore, prevention is better than cure. You should make sure that such things never happen to you. Following are the crime prevention tips you can undertake to avoid any potential threat of identity theft.