mental test

Unlike physical ailments, mental disorders get neglected very easily. It is only when one sees drastic changes in one’s behavioral pattern, that these issues come into notice.

There can be multiple reasons affecting your health such as genes (family history of mental health problems), brain chemistry, trauma, abuse etc.

It is important to get acquainted with early signs of such mental disturbances like – eating/sleeping too much or too little, remaining isolated, having low or no energy, feeling numb, feeling despair, having mood swings, indulging excessively into smoking, drinking, drugs, hearing voices or believing things that are not true, feelings of self harm, feeling incapable of performing day to day activities etc.

Such people need to be treated by a certified professional therapist which would help them in realizing their full potential. A therapist would guide the concerned person as to how he can cope up with stress and negative feelings, work productively and make a difference to other people’s lives. He would be guided towards an optimistic life approach where there is more of social engagement and less of seclusion.

Any person can become a victim of a mental disorder. It is essential to test your mental health which would put light on your life and your perspective towards the various facets of life. Follow these links to assess your mental abilities.